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We provide confidence in communication through straight-shooting, practical and powerful media and communications training. Led by former news-hound and famous media trainer Janine Lazarus, we specialise in offering customised and relevant training to individuals and companies representing all sectors, across the globe.
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Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy (JLMC) offers customised training programmes and interactive workshops that equip delegates with the confidence they need to engage effectively with the media. JLMC works closely with each and every client to determine their specific needs, public profile and media angles before facilitating a workshop. Janine personally performs in-depth research before training to determine the delegates’ positions and how it relates to the company’s risks that can lead to potential media crises.

What our clients say

Thank you very much for a well facilitated workshop. You gave us what we were looking for. Now we know how to proceed in developing plans to ramp up our corporate reputation.

Sherree G Shereni

Group Public Affairs & Communications Manager: Coca-Cola Sabco

I just wanted to reach out to you let you know how much I appreciated the work you shared and the skills you trained us in. It’s made an incredible impact in my writing life and has been a turning point for me in my career.

Mali Kambandu

Lusaka, Zambia

Thank you so much for today. I believe the training made a huge impact and triggered the start of some organisational change.

Dr Rudi Venter

Marketing Director: Oxford University Press Southern Africa

Thank you again for a very exciting training programme in which you put in so much emotion. Emotion and empathy are some of the most underestimated key factors in training.

Dr Elke Stumpf

Head of Programme: Agricultural Innovation Support Project (AISP) and Drought Mitigation Operation (DMO), Zimbabwe

Thank you for the support provided yesterday. It was very good preparation and I appreciated the useful tips and remarks.

Dr Albert S van Jaarsveld

Vice-Chancellor & Principal: University of KwaZulu-Natal

The results and positive reactions that you produced within a 3hr work-shop are indicative of your professionalism, passion and love for what you do.

Michael Berger

Chairman: School Governing Body, Jeppe High School

News & Articles

The hour my heart stopped

There is only the briefest of moments when I feel afraid. And I mean really afraid. I’m deep in the thicket of the Volcanoes National Park in the northwest corner of Rwanda and I’m standing one metre away from an agitated four-hundred-pound Silverback gorilla. “Back away,” our guide hisses. Despite being told repeatedly to avoid making eye contact, I can’t…

The Heart of Listening

Over the last two years, facilitators like me were forced to pivot our training programmes for the online space. As someone BBF (Born Before Technology), I’m loathe to admit that this concept was entirely overwhelming at first. But like the title of acclaimed South African satirist Pieter-Dirk Uys’s first one-man show, it was an Adapt or Dye situation – well,…

The Perfect Pitch

The Perfect Pitch

They say a true Parisian woman can size you up from your head to your shoes and back up again in milliseconds, so fast that most people won’t even notice ‘the look’.
If judgment calls are made just by passing someone in the street, imagine the reaction to a clumsy elevator pitch.

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