Corporate Social Investment

Janine Lazarus might be fierce during her training, but she has a heart of gold. She continuously seeks new ways in which she can make a difference in other people’s lives.

The Boxing Sponsorship

A project close to Janine Lazarus’ heart that JLMC has been supporting for the past four years, is what the consultancy calls its “Boxing Sponsorship”. The sponsorship goes beyond boxing as a sport and looks at the heart of the individuals participating.

JLMC has focused on providing financial, emotional and physical support for young adults by providing a safe environment where they can learn about sportsmanship, boxing, as well as creating a place for them to meet like-minded people and establish friendships. The programme aims to assist young adults in need to believe in themselves, as well as to motivate them to work towards a better future. Boxing requires a discipline, focus, hard work, self-control and sportsmanship, the foundations that build character and develop our future leaders of tomorrow.

It is our belief at JLMC that our CSI initiatives should improve the lives of others. It is at the heart of our Corporate Social Investment, and a big part of Janine’s life.