Who is Janine Lazarus

From the get-go,

Janine's charismatic presence captivates her audience.

Her hands-on approach is direct and upfront, and her expertise and experience is displayed with a passion that is palpably evident.

Janine doesn't pull her punches – she tells it like it is – and the audience quickly recognises that JLMC’s training is the real deal. The instruction is practical and intensive, provided in a style that is dynamic, energetic and engrossing.

Many people know Janine as a straight-shooting media trainer and ex news-hound, but she is also an undomesticated wife, voracious thriller reader and slave to her felines.

She is undoubtedly every CEO’s worst nightmare, and relish playing the devil’s advocate and heroic saviour, all at once. And after 34 years in the industry, she gets as excited today when she sits across someone in the ‘hot seat’, as she did way back then. Fortunately for them, now it is to teach… and man, she loves it!

Janine is passionate about her clients and has an unwavering commitment to excellence, ethical conduct and discretion. She has built a reputation for being a top media trainer and opinion leader in Southern Africa, and yet she is humble about her success and achievements.