Writing Skills Training

Polish Your Prose

The Basics of Business Writing

In a world drowning in information overload, it has become imperative to master the tools and techniques of short, clear and simple communication.

In essence, this full day workshop is designed to provide participants with critical awareness of their written “voice.” It is geared to empower delegates to better manage client relationships through logically structured, user-friendly written communication.

From formulating coherent thoughts, to building sentences, structuring paragraphs and matching an audience, this programme aims to establish and refocus each participant’s approach to written communication.

During this workshop, participants unearth their own writing behaviours, and learn to write logically-structured, well-motivated documents that convey the organisation’s intended message.

Think differently, approach it differently, and you will write differently.

Turning Dry Copy into Great Prose

Creative Corporate Journalism

Designed to provide a solid refresher on basic journalism skills and techniques, this workshop places special emphasis on applying these skills creatively within the corporate environment.

Journalists writing for corporate publications and those who compile in-house newsletters will be coached on how to write specifically for their niche markets, while also learning how to transform often dry in-house material into vibrant organisational tools.

Delegates will be asked to bring their corporate newsletters and in-house publications to the workshop for analysis, and will be given assignments to work on during the course of the programme.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Developing a keen ‘nose for news’ within a corporate environment
  • Simple methods to brainstorm ideas
  • Finding a story – even within the most technical or complex of issues
  • Effective research techniques
  • Targeted interviewing skills
  • The ‘human’ component
  • Colour writing skills
  • Corporate profiles: the people behind the issues
  • Structuring articles for maximum effect
  • Editing techniques
On-Going Mentorship

Remote Writing Support

Wouldn’t it be great to have a media mastermind and exceptional writer copy check your work? Now it is possible!

Janine Lazarus now offers a hands-on mentorship programme to clients that have completed the writing skills training workshop, or any other JLMC workshop or programme. The “Remote Writing Support” mentorship programme is designed to give delegates the writing practice they need. Learning how to write professionally and creatively is a skill that must be practiced over time. The more you do it, the better you become.

The opportunity to receive individual on-going evaluation, critique, editing of copy, and mentorship is invaluable, especially when you aim to be the best writer you can be. Learn from the best to be your best!

Producing Content That Sells

Newsroom Training for Better Journalism

The saying “content is king” rings true, especially when it comes to producing content that sells. Janine draws on her 34+ years of experience in journalism to teach delegates how to effectively write for the media.

She is famous for her hands-on newsroom training methodology, having facilitated on-site coaching for reporters from The Times of Swaziland, The Observer, Swazi Radio and TV. Her community newspaper work includes her involvement in the relaunch of Swaziland’s Lubombo Voice, as well as the Maziboko Times in Zambia. You can see that she’s been around – and she’s in demand!

Her programmes are highly effective and have resulted in an increase in sales, improved writing skills and reinforced teamwork.