Media and Communications Training

The Rules of Engagement

Practical Media Skills Training 101

This highly practical workshop provides critical tools and techniques to provide participants with an overview of the media mind and how the media machine works.

This powerful programme comprises some of the most important facets of JLMC’s signature training offerings:

  • Understanding the Media Mind
  • Concise Communications
  • Presentation Skills
  • The Art of an Interview

Delivered with no frills in a customised, practical, interactive and safe environment, this is a must-attend workshop for anyone dealing with the media, from executives, to politicians, celebrities, media spokespeople or anyone keen to learn the tricks of the trade.

The Art of An Interview

Master the Media

This programme combines theory and practise to prepare delegates to face the media with confidence. It involves intensive and realistic on-camera media training – an interactive approach of placing delegates in the ‘hot seat’ during interview simulations with tailored scenarios.

Participants receive the opportunity to view and analyse themselves on camera before venturing into a real-life media interview. Each filmed interview simulation is followed by a detailed assessment and professional insight.

To master the art of interviews, you need to have a good understanding of the following:

  • The perils of speaking to the media when you are unprepared
  • How to talk to journalists
  • Preparing for the ‘hot seat’
  • Minding your language
  • Using nervousness as a positive edge
  • The techniques, skills and strategies necessary for effective media interviews
  • How to present yourself and your company to the greatest effect
  • What to say and what not to say
  • How to get your core message across
  • Points to capture your audience
  • Staying on track
  • Getting to the point
  • Common mistakes that must be avoided at all costs
Key Message Development

Control the Story and Get YOUR Message Across

People are interested in what you have to say, right? Wrong! The real truth, as harsh as it may seem, is that what you have to say is generally not their first choice of activity for the day.

In an already over-communicated society inundated with a plethora of messages, the recipient should be able to grasp your key message without wading through a laborious thinking process. During this workshop, we look at the ins and outs of concise communications training and analyse the importance of key message development.

This programme involves a hands-on brainstorming session with Janine, as well as practical advice, tools and techniques on how to effectively communicate with key stakeholders.

Janine discusses the golden rules that should be the common thread through all forms of communication, explodes common myths, and teaches delegates why credible vocal usage and believable body language is more important that the words they use.

After all, no-one ever complained that something was too easy to read, listen to, or understand…

Communicate with Intent

Managerial Communication

It’s time for some serious introspection. Take a few minutes to figure out whether or not you communicate clearly. Do your messages result in their intended purpose, or do they get lost in the maelstrom of mixed messaging?

These compelling questions address the core essence of your authenticity, and therefore the engine that drives your communication.

Your hand-on-heart responses to these questions will enable JLMC to hone in on the DNA of your communication, and establish how it transcends to each word you speak or write, empowering you to change and control your story. And yes, it can be altered. The fact is, it is never too late to learn new communication and life-enhancing skills.

This workshop has been designed specifically to help you communicate with intent. It will equip you with the awareness, tools, confidence and energy to create that lasting impression and create that all-important impact.

It is a challenging communications course that incorporates material from many disciplines, including Key Message Development, the Art of Uncomfortable Conversation, How to Manage Conflict, as well as Public Speaking Skills. It is designed to make a substantial difference to your leadership, communication and relationship skills.

This highly practical programme focuses on the following core segments:

  • How to create a lasting impact
  • How communication dynamics work
  • Developing critical skills as a leader and presenter
  • Challenging what you currently do as a communicator
  • Developing excellent listening behaviour
  • Exploring influencing skills
  • Dealing with difficult messages
  • Gaining practical presenting tools and techniques
  • Managing nerves
  • Coaching sessions
  • Building confidence, and more confidence

Are you ready for the next step in the evolution of your communication skills? Book now for this life- enhancing communication workshop.

Building Brand Ambassadors

Strategic Communications Training

In order to grow in an ever evolving competitive market, companies need to invest in improving customer communication, increase awareness and interest among its clients, as well as earn its employees’ trust and confidence.

Building a powerful brand is about resonating with your target audiences – but not at the expense of the people. These individuals need to have more than just a vested stake in your success; they need to believe in your business. They must become your brand’s most fervent ambassadors.

This hand-on workshop will discuss the importance of building brand advocates for a successful business. After all, brand-loyalty should start within your business.

You Only Get One Chance to Make an Impact

Powerful Presentation Skills Training

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, a professional who falls short on the ability to present effectively, actually starts out at a crippling disadvantage. No matter how good the idea is – if it’s not presented effectively –it can’t be sold. Effective presentation skills not only enhances a person’s personal impact, but remains one of the most powerful tools of persuasion in the business arena.

This programme provides delegates with a deeper understanding of the powerful impact of a well-crafted and controlled interview or presentation.

Coaching includes emphasis on the tools and techniques necessary to harness proper breathing control, credible posture, appropriate dress code, as well as impactful body language and vocal usage.

Designed to provide simple, yet effective methodologies to amplify your objectives, whilst retaining audience interest and excitement, this interactive workshop will help you to understand your audience, establish specific messages, and communicate with the real impact of authenticity.

Key areas of focus that will make – not break – your presentation include:

  • A valuable insight into the dynamics of powerful presenting
  • Methods in which to eliminate ‘The Fear Factor’
  • Learning how to channel nervous energy
  • Effective relaxation techniques
  • The design of the message
  • The power of body language
  • Vocal projection
  • How to keep your subject matter alive
  • Creating points of high impact
Acing the Interview ‘Hot Seat’

Advanced Media Skills Training

So, you’ve learnt the Media Training basics (tick the box). You may not welcome the thought of an interview, but you pretty much understand the rules of engagement. You are also uncomfortably aware that once you say something, it’s out there and can’t be taken back. Now it is imperative that you do not become complacent about interfacing with the media. The same question could be asked of an Olympic medal-winning athlete: Should they stop continually improving their skills in preparation for the next Olympic Games?

In these tough economic times, the essence of continuously being over prepared is the secret to success. Are you ready to address shareholders, the public and hard-core journalists? Think fast!

This Advanced Media Skills Training workshop is a highly interactive communications intervention that will go a long way in preparing you for any issue-based interaction with the media, taking the basics of Media Skills Training to a much higher level.

This highly experiential programme focuses on the client’s particular issues and throws the spotlight on the following core segments:

  • Relationships with the media
  • Handling difficult interviews
  • Handling challenges from the news media
  • Turning bad news into good news