Crisis Communications Training

Mitigating A Media Crisis

Crisis Communications Training and Issue Management

This intensive programme has been specifically designed to help delegates manage incidents before they escalate into potentially threatening media crisis situations.

Participants will be carefully coached on tried-and-tested methods to steer clear of pitfalls and potential media landmines. They are also given ‘real life’ scenarios in which they will be expected to illustrate what they will do when faced with a similar situation.

The focus of this highly practical programme is to equip delegates with the tools and techniques necessary to identify, assess, understand and cope with a range of crisis scenarios from the moment they occur to when they start simmering down and hopefully reach their end.

Key components of the programme include:

  • A detailed discussion of delegates’ crisis experiences
  • Guidelines for managing the media in a crisis situation
  • Real-time case scenarios and seeing them though
  • Keeping the watch-dogs at bay

If required, Janine throws punches during interview simulations, with a news camera-man on hand to film each “live” interrogation. This effective role-play coaching method goes a long way in providing each participant with a ‘hands-on’ opportunity to avert a media crisis – before venturing into the media minefield.

University Accredited

Crisis Communications Training in The Cyber Space

Are you prepared for the next frontier of crime? Learn how to communicate effectively with your stakeholders and investors in the event of a cyberattack with this new international university-accredited training programme.

This programme highlights the fact that the potential impact of cyber crime makes it critical for cybersecurity to be viewed more than a simple IT issue – but also as a very real risk to business that will inevitably have an impact on all departments within an organisation.

Fundamentally, because a cyberattack may have a drastic impact on a business’s operations, financial statements and legal exposure, its reputation is on the line.

To adequately address these likely large and complex breaches, it is necessary for companies to develop a strong and centralised response communications framework as an integral part of the enterprise risk management strategy.

The focus areas of this course includes:

  • The anatomy of a cyberattack
  • Examples of poor/good communications in the face of a cyberattack
  • A workgroup discussion around lessons learned from case studies and what the delegates would do if faced with a similar situation
  • Cyber Overview: Different attack types/ Business impact issues
  • Crisis Communications in Cyber – unpacked
  • Guidelines when communicating about an attack
Crisis Drills

Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedures

It is crucial that all businesses are prepared to respond to emergency situations as part of their safety, crisis planning and preparation.

Every crisis is unique and therefore requires a tailored response. But the basics of establishing frameworks and standard operating procedures will set the cornerstones for managing and responding to a crisis in an effective and efficient manner.

The ‘Crisis Drills’ programme consists of crisis plan training and simulation exercises. Crisis preparation may consist of the following facets:

  • Case studies
  • Table-top exercises
  • Incident simulations
  • Full-scale crisis drills

Janine covers different types of drills and how to effectively minimise any potential harm and loss. It is tailored according to each client’s working environment, industry, company size, potential threats and needs.

In the Firing Line

Press Conference Management Training for Speakers and Facilitators

This programme is a highly interactive communications intervention that will go a long way in preparing you for any issue-based interaction with the media, taking the basics of media skills training to a much higher level.

This workshop is specifically aimed at high-ranking individuals who speak at or manage press conferences. It provides challenging practice on how to successfully communicate your message/s to the media, and to manage a room full of interrogative journalists.

Janine will teach you how to handle those difficult interviews, interview questions and cross-examinations more effectively.