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Business travel 2022

I had an epic three-day business travel whirlwind last week.
Durban ✈️ Johannesburg ✈️ Cape Town
I took on the role as Allan Gray’s event moderator on Corporate Governance where we unpacked the critical role of various stakeholders in enhancing governance and accountability.
There’s nothing that fires me up more than real engagement and robust discourse.

Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy Services 2019

Our reputation speaks for itself…but if you want proof that we are one of the best in Africa, then here it is.
To all our followers: Stand out, be ready for anything and make every second count – this is YOUR year to grow, reach new heights and ultimately shine! #JanineMedia Let’s do this! #UnmatchedSuccess

Janine Lazarus on cyber crime

Janine Lazarus has been working with the JSE since 2011

She was appointed as a service provider to provide Comprehensive Media Skills Training to JSE’s listed clients as part of their bouquet of training services. When the JSE talks about her, they say: “Janine’s charismatic presence captivates her audience. Her hands-on approach is direct and upfront, and her expertise and experience are displayed with a passion that is palpably evident. She pulls no punches and tells it like it is.