Senior managers at Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) attended Media and Communication training on 16 and 17 April 2019 at ISIbalo House. The trainees were divided into two groups, and one group per day was trained on how to conduct themselves in
media interviews. The training was conducted by Ms Janine Lazarus from Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy.

Ms Lesedi Dibakwane, Director: Media Relations welcomed everyone and explained the importance of management being trained on how to communicate with the media.

Ms Lazarus’ training focuses on developing and facilitating superior and interactive training experiences that leave delegates with confidence and knowledge to engage their communication skills effectively. It is important for everyone to understand the dynamics of the South African media and the role and influence of journalists.

The main focus of the training was on the visual communications circle:

  • The message
  • Vocal usage
  • Body language

Ms Lazarus conducted on-camera interviews with each trainee. These focused on what to wear on camera, how to project your voice, how to sit in order to be audible and comfortable. The training stressed that interviewees should always stick to the key message they want to get across as one can easily get off track and the key message will then be lost.

Ms Lazarus also alluded that it was important for statisticians to know their audience, which will help in getting the key messages across. Body language is important and so is telling a story in the facts that are being given, so that the target audience can understand what is being said.

As the training concluded, Ms Lazarus explained that it is important that Stats SA relates to its audience and not only focuses on getting the facts of the message across. It is important that the message is understood, so statistical jargon should be avoided as far as possible. This will assist the public in understanding what Stats SA does as an organisation.
-Kegaugetjwe Makwela

Source: Pulse OF THE ORGANISATION, Statistics South Africa
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