Value-Added Services

Disruptive Dialogue

Master the Art of Uncomfortable Conversation

We live in politically charged, unpredictable and self-serving times. This, coupled with a diversity of cultures, values and beliefs, and a melting pot of egos and unpredictable behaviour patterns, can be a recipe for disaster for any business.

So, how do you handle Disruptive Dialogue in the workplace? Or perhaps more to the point, is it possible to master the Art of Uncomfortable Conversation?

How many hours a week does your company spend dealing with conflict and internal politics? What are you doing to change or prevent an adverse situation? Are you tackling ‘disruptive dialogue’ head-on?

From one-on-one sessions to group training workshops, this programme is customised according to each client’s needs and problems at hand. It is aimed at resolving issues that are usually swept underneath the corporate carpet and makes room for progress and effective communication.

Constructive and carefully facilitated confrontations can result in pivotal conversations necessary to bring about much needed change.

The Key to a Flourishing Career

Executive Coaching

Companies rely on its key members to perform at their very best; putting a lot of pressure on them to fulfil their all-encompassing roles. With so much weight on their shoulders, these individuals are bound to collapse in one way or the other. This is why constructive mentorship is vital for every thriving business.

Janine Lazarus provides one-on-one coaching including support and guidance to individuals at every stage of the corporate ladder, including general managers, CEOs, professional athletes and anyone who wishes to reach their full potential.

Her role extends beyond mentorship – she is a confidante, colleague and trusted friend, and she walks the journey of life with each and every person she meets.

This mentorship programme provides clients with the necessary support needed to achieve their purpose, personal goals and objectives.

From Survival Mode to Thrive Mode

Team Building

Well-meaning team work activity conducted outside the office may seem like a lot of fun, but there are those individuals for whom it will be too much of an ask. Forcing employees to take part in an off-site physical activity may not be the magic cure-all to forming a cohesive team.

There is more to team building than a mere physical exercise.

Even though you may have an exact job function or belong to a specific department, you need to be unified with other members of the organisation in order to make a meaningful contribution to its overall success. The bigger picture is one that must drive your actions.

This programme is not intended to restrict individual strengths, but rather place emphasis on ways to derive benefit from the group’s expertise, commitment and energy to achieve mutual goals. In short, this programme supports a culture that enables individuals to contribute more than they ever thought possible – together.

Media Advisory and Consulting Services

As a former journalist, Janine understands the media mind and can offer advisory services with unique insight. She leverages her deep industry experience to assist leading organisations with gaining positive media coverage, handling negative interviews, eradicating crisis scenarios and developing strategic media plans.

An effective media strategy means providing customised media skills training, while creating or improving on an already existing media strategy.

This strategy would usually encompass:

  • Strategic internal and external media advice
  • Building media relations
  • Developing an effective media plan
  • Assisting with media briefings
  • Implementing a high-profile media image for leadership
  • Finding creative ways to ‘market’ business units in the media
  • Assisting with media monitoring
  • Overseeing in-house communications departments