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The rules of engagement: Practical media skills training

This workshop provides practical skills and expertise that will help delegates comprehend the media ‘mind’. It is a consolidated programme that comprises important facets of JLMC’s other training programmes, including the art of an interview. Delivered with no frills in a customised, practical, interactive and safe environment, this is a must-attend workshop for everyone dealing with the media.

The art of an interview – Master the media

To master the art of interviews, you need to have a good understanding of the following:

  • The perils of speaking to the media when you are unprepared
  • How to talk to journalists
  • Preparing for the ‘hot seat’
  • Minding your language
  • Using nervousness as a positive edge
  • The techniques, skills and strategies necessary for effective media interviews
  • How to present yourself and your company to the greatest effect
  • What to say and what not to say
  • How to get your core message across
  • Points to capture your audience
  • Staying on track
  • Getting to the point
  • Common mistakes that have to be avoided at all costs

Key message development: Control the story and get YOUR message across

In an already over-communicated society, the recipient should be able to grasp your key message without wading through a laborious thinking process. In this workshop, we look at the ins and outs of concise communications training and analyse the importance of key messaging. The programme involves a hands-on brainstorming session with Janine, as well as practical advice on how to effectively communicate with key stakeholders.

Media advisory and consulting services

As a former journalist, Janine understands the media mind and can offer advisory services with unique insight. An effective media strategy means providing customised media skills training, while creating or improving on an already existing media strategy.

This strategy would encompass:

  • Strategic internal and external media advice
  • Building media relations
  • Developing an effective media plan
  • Assisting with media briefings
  • Implementing a high-profile media image for leadership
  • Finding creative ways to ‘market’ business units in the media
  • Assisting with media monitoring
  • Overseeing in-house communications departments

Mitigating a media crisis: Crisis communications training and issue management

This intensive programme has been specifically designed to help you manage incidents before they escalate into potentially threatening media crisis situations.

Delegates will be given ‘real life’ scenarios in which they will be expected to illustrate what they will do when faced with a similar situation.

The focus of this highly practical programme is to equip delegates with the tools and techniques necessary to identify, assess, understand and cope with a range of crisis scenarios from the moment they occur to when they reach their inevitable end.

Crisis communications training in the cyber space – University accredited

Are you prepared for the next frontier of crime? Learn how to communicate effectively with your stakeholders and investors in the event of a cyber-attack with this new international university accredited training programme.

Crisis drills: Emergency preparedness and response procedures

It is crucial that all businesses are prepared to respond to emergency situations as part of their safety, crisis planning and preparation.

Our ‘crisis drills’ programme consists of crisis plan training and simulation exercises. Crisis preparation may consist of case studies, table top exercises, incident simulations and full-scale crisis drills.

This programme covers different types of drills and how to effectively minimise any potential harm and loss.

In the firing line: Press conference management training for speakers and facilitators

This programme is a highly interactive communications intervention that will go a long way in preparing you for any issue-based interaction with the media, taking the basics of media skills training to a much higher level.

The programme provides challenging practice on how to successfully communicate your message/s to the media. It will teach you to handle those difficult interviews and interview questions more effectively.

Building brand ambassadors: Strategic communications training

Building a powerful brand is about resonating with your target audience - but not at the expense of the people. These individuals need to have more than just a vested stake in your success; they need to believe in your business. They must become your brand’s most fervent ambassadors. This hand-on workshop will discuss the importance of building brand advocates for a successful business.

Powerful presentation skills training: You only get one chance to make an impact

This programme provides delegates with a deeper understanding of the powerful impact of a well-crafted and controlled interview or presentation. Coaching includes emphasis on the tools and techniques necessary to harness proper breathing control, credible posture, appropriate dress code, as well as impactful body language and vocal usage.

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