Media and Communications Training

Module One: Up-front needs analysis

A detailed analysis and evaluation of delegates’ current media skills are necessary so that the programme can be tailored to their specific needs.

Module Two: Understanding the Media Mind

In this workshop we delve into the murky world that is the Media psyche!

  • An overview of the South African media
  • How the media works
  • The importance of an up-to-date media database
  • The nature of news
  • Media expectations: What is – and what is not – possible
  • How to attract media attention

Module Three: Get to the Point – A workshop in Concise Communications Training

In this module, we analyse the craft of key messaging. In an already over-communicated society, the recipient should be able to get the picture, without wading through a laborious thinking process.

Module Four: Powerful Presentations Skills Training

This is a module that provides delegates with a deeper understanding of the powerful impact they can have when handling a presentation or interview successfully. Coaching includes emphasis on the tools and techniques necessary to harness proper breath control, credible posture, appropriate dress code, as well as impactful body language and vocal usage.

Module Five: The Art of an Interview

To master the art of interviews, you need to have a good grasp of the following:

  • The perils of speaking to the media when you are unprepared
  • Tips on how to talk to journalists
  • Preparing for the hot seat
  • Minding your language
  • Using nervousness as a positive edge
  • The techniques, skills and strategies necessary for giving effective media interviews
  • How to present yourself and your company to the greatest effect
  • What to say and not to say
  • How to get your core message across
  • Points to capture your audience
  • Staying on track
  • Getting to the point
  • Common mistakes to avoid at all costs

Module Six: Advanced Media Training - In the Firing Line

The programme is a highly interactive communications intervention that will go a long way in preparing you for any issue-based interaction with the media, taking the basics of Media Skills Training to a much higher level.

The programme provides challenging practice in successfully communicating your messages to today's media and will teach you to handle those difficult interviews more effectively.

Module Seven: Mitigating a Media Crisis – Crisis Communications Training

This intensive programme has been specifically designed to help you manage incidents before they escalate into potentially threatening media crisis situations.

Delegates will be given 'real life' scenarios in which they will be expected to illustrate what they will do when faced with a similar situation.

The focus of the highly practical programme is to equip delegates with the tools and techniques necessary to identify, assess, understand and cope with a range of crisis scenarios from the moment they occur to when they reach their inevitable end.

Module Eight: Media Advisory Services

An effective media strategy, means providing customized media skills training, while creating or improving on an already existing media strategy.

This strategy would encompass:

  • Strategic internal and external media advice
  • Building media relations
  • Drawing up an effective media plan
  • Assisting with media briefings
  • Implementing a high-profile media image for leadership
  • Finding creative ways to ‘market’ business units in the media
  • Assisting with media monitoring
  • Overseeing in-house communications department

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Media and Communications Training

  • Up-front needs analysis
  • Understanding the Media Mind
  • Communications Workshop
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • The Art of an Interview
  • Mitigating a Media Crisis
  • Polish Your Prose

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