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Key Message Development

Key Message Development

This programme involves practical advice from Janine herself, and the critical tools and techniques necessary to communicate effectively with key stakeholders. Control the story and get your message across with our Key Message Development Workshop! No frills. No fuss. Pure authenticity.


Frequently Asked Questions

+Who will benefit from these workshops?
Our workshops are for those interested in further expanding their knowledge on specific topics. Ideal individuals include students, interns, and mid- to senior level individuals. Our workshops provide practical tools that help you with every day communication challenges.
+How do I sign up for a programme?
Simply click on the ENROL button and follow the instructions.
+When can I begin my online workshop? Are there specific registration periods?
You can begin your workshop anytime you like. Please choose a time that is convenient for you, when you have no distractions. There are no specific registration periods.
+What will I receive after completing a workshop?
Once you have completed a workshop, you will receive a certificate of completion, badge and reward points through the system. You can print your certificate in the convenience of your home. However, at an additional nominal fee, JLMC will courier an original certificate to you (only applicable to South African citizens).
+How will earning this certificate benefit my career?
Earning a certificate keeps you competitive in your current role. It allows you to build on your skills and may open new opportunities.
+How soon after completing the workshop do I receive a certificate?
The certificate will be emailed to you once JLMC has reviewed your work. However, if you opt to receive your certificate via courier, it can take up to 7 working days after you have completed the course.
+Will you add more workshops?
Yes. We are definitely planning on expanding our development programmes. Please let us know if there is something specific that you would be interested in. We would love to hear from you in the event that you are hunting for something specific.
+How will you measure my progress?
Our online system will be measuring your progress. Everything is done automatically. However, Janine and her team will monitor the delegates and system intermittently.
+What if I run into problems?
You can contact our team at any time. We are here to assist.
+What is the reward system for, and how will I benefit from it?
You will gain rewards as you complete each workshop. The more rewards you get, the more benefits you will receive, such as discounts for other online workshops, invitations to Janine’s masterclasses and special events.
+Does Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy offer face-to-face courses?
Yes, Janine has been offering face-to-face training almost for all of her professional career. Please let our team know if you are interested in a customised training session.
+Do these workshops have in-person components?
Yes, our workshops have an instant messaging feature. However, please note that after hours messages will only be answered during office hours the following working day.
+Are your workshops NQF rated?
While our programmes are not NQF rated, they are packed with real-life insights that have been developed to improve skills and knowledge to boost personal and professional growth.
+Do delegates need to attend workshops at specific times?
No. You can complete the workshops at any time and in the comfort of your own home or the office.
+How are online workshops structured?
Once you have completed and submitted your registration, and we have received the payment, you will have access to the relevant workshop and its material. Our workshops are developed to work through the specific topics systematically, to ensure that you develop skills and learn throughout. Each module must be completed before the next module is made available.
+I’ve registered for a workshop, but have realised that I would rather complete another development programme. Can I switch workshops?
Yes, you are welcome to switch your JMLC workshop. However, if the other programme is more expensive, you will have to pay the difference. If the workshop costs less, our team will look at providing you with credits for a future workshop. Please contact our team so that we can assist you in this regard.
+How will I get my workbook?
You will receive all your material online. Ensure you make notes during the workshops, as Janine shares a lot of additional insight during her talks.
+If I’ve registered for a course, but for some reason can’t continue with it, will JLMC refund me?
We have a 7-day refund policy which means that you can cancel your course within 7 days of registration. We realise that there are several reasons that delegates may need to cancel a course and we would like to accommodate you as best we can. Please note that you can only cancel the course if you haven’t started with it.
+How will I be assessed?
You will be required to complete a quiz/test after the workshop.
+What are the entry requirements for the workshops?
You only have to be computer literate, and be able to read and write.
+How do I pay for the workshops?
We have various payment methods available. You can choose the one most convenient for you.