on 14 March 2018
If there could be anything worse than the largest ever recorded outbreak of this severe form of listeriosis globally, it could only be the way it has been communicated. In fact, from a crisis communications perspective, the killer polony scandal can be used as a case study of how NOT… Continue Reading
on 05 February 2018
OK. So you've learned the basics of how to deal with the media. And you think you're ready. The fact is - you're not. When last did you go through rigorous Media Skills Training? A few years ago? And was it a rather dull PowerPoint presentation with a handy guide… Continue Reading
on 04 December 2017
The ability to communicate - be it face-to-face or in written form - is withering away. And I mourn its imminent demise keenly. Discarded by the wayside by the ever-expanding information revolution, we have an oversupply of electronic means by which to stay informed. But as we wade through a… Continue Reading
on 22 September 2017
Opinion by Janine Lazarus, Director of Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy There are a few things in life that are unavoidable. One of them is paying your tax - although there are those in high places who seem to slither their way out of that one. Another sure thing is that… Continue Reading
on 31 August 2017
Opinion by Janine Lazarus, Director of Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy Life is a funny thing. But the one thing it has taught me is that the only constant is change. It doesn't come easily to most - not least of all to me. It can be a terrifying prospect, a… Continue Reading
on 03 July 2017
Opinion by Janine Lazarus, Director of Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy The proverbial elephant in the room seems to be taking up more space at each workshop I facilitate, with delegates doing their level best to side step and shadow box around it, or to make it their sole mission to… Continue Reading
on 23 June 2017
Written by: Glenda Nevillon South Africa could face a massive cyber assault this year. At a recent International Data Corporation (IDC) and Microsoft event on cyber threats, the IDC’s Jon Tullett said one of the company’s predictions for 2017 was the country could see an attack at “public service level… Continue Reading
on 05 June 2017
Fake news and yellow journalism has undoubtedly become the new norm. From false reports and fake missing friends, to photo-shopped images, government scandals and sensationalism, this scourge has organisations and news outlets fighting for their credibility. The President of the United States has been accused of providing fake news only… Continue Reading
on 10 March 2017
So if adamantly refusing to answer questions from journalists and blaming the media for an unfolding social crisis counts as a press conference, then the whole notion of press briefings is nothing short of a cruel joke. Following last Sunday's Social Development press conference called for urgently by none other… Continue Reading
on 15 December 2016
2016 has been a dramatic year for news -in fact, it has been nothing short of a death-defying global roller coaster ride of impossible ups and devastating downs. Unfortunately, any hint of good news has been overshadowed by catastrophes, including rampant corruption, state capture, nepotism, a  leadership that has lost… Continue Reading
on 18 November 2016
On the back of a straight shooting opinion piece on the necessity of communicating with brutal honesty, Janine Lazarus will be  joining seasoned talk show host Ashraf Garda on media@safm this Sunday 20 November to take the debate on communications even further.  As both a panelist and presenter at the… Continue Reading

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