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About Janine

Janine Lazarus

Janine Lazarus has experienced every side and angle of the media and has held senior positions in leading national and international news outlets. Her work in the mainstream media as an investigative journalist, radio talk show host, television presenter and researcher/producer has provided the perfect platform to work with and train some of the best in the business – inclusive of fellow reporters, political leaders, public relations practitioners, and executives of blue chip companies.

Janine uses her 34+ years of experience in the media as a credible platform to give clients a ‘bird's eye view' of the media machine, as well as a realistic insight into the dynamics of news environments.Her customised training programmes and interactive workshops equip delegates with the confidence they need to engage effectively with the media. Janine is reputed for her high impact, interactive and straightforward training methods. Her no-frills approach ensures that delegates are adequately prepared for real-life scenarios. 

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